How #NearBy app works

Holidays are meant to be adventurous! Have you planned a vacation to a new place, which has put you in dilemma about preparing an itinerary and reaching the destination? It happens with almost every one of us. No? At this point, what do you think of doing? Dropping the plan? Or switching over to some other place that is less adventurous? The same can happen (or happens) with you even if you are in your own city and plan to visit the other part which is far more distant.


But what if I recommend an app that can help you reach your destination feasibly? #NearBy it is! An iOS app – a free and simple way to come out of the trouble while you visit a new, unknown place.

How it actually works?

This app spontaneously catches your current location with in-build GPS in your phone. You can then look out for a long list of possible places, listed by the app, such as the closest ATM, restaurant, hotel, cinema hall, hospitals, petrol station or anything else you desire.

It also mentions places along with other details including contact information, website (if available) and description. Personally, I prefer this app as it has the ability to provide accurate information ranging from 5Km to 100Km and you can adjust it as per your needs. With this accuracy factor, this app ensures that it displays accurate location in the context of available data.


It works well with iOS 8.0 or later and makes compatibility with Apple gadgets enriched with iOS 8.0 and other latest versions.


It is advisable to include this app in onthego list to search places of interest. I always recommend this app as it does not ask Google to assist and you can rely over the search results ever after.


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